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I have always loved rain.

It is part of our everyday, slows us down, stops us for a while and reminds us to live in the present moment. Even if it goes with grayness and mud, rain also means a change and brings freshness.

I made the first raincoat as part of a university project. I found fascinating the fact that a raincoat has to fulfil multiple functions and that certain design and production related issues have to be solved in this context. Hence, choosing the right fabrics and technology is crucial. Later on, my diploma work was already a raincoat collection, inspired by Santiago Calatrava’s works. Many of his frame structures and buildings recall the inner and outer frames of living creatures, that my designs reflected on.

During the time I spent in London I could experience genuine rainy weather which deeply influenced my design interests as well. The design works for various clothing brands had also a great impact on me by helping to understand how to design marketable, ready-made but still exciting products. I am delighted that product by product, collection by collection, it is always possible to develop designs, patterns and technology to achieve the most functional, yet aesthetic and eco-friendly pieces possible.

In 2013, as a confirmation that I am on the right path, I was granted the Hungarian Design Award. In Hungary, this is the highest recognition of high-quality design achievements in case of all types of products. According to the Jury:

“The collection is characterised by mature and functional design thinking. It does not aspire to be more than what it is: a raincoat collection. The design of the men's and women's coats are equally marked by simple lines, innovative details as well as modernness and classical elegance. The jury highly valued the excellent design thinking manifest in all the items of the collection as well as the high-quality use of materials and the professionally implemented technical solutions. The final products are genuinely high quality, marketable and market worthy.”

All of these experiences and feedbacks convinced me that it is time to make my products available for a wider public by launching theraincoat by Petra Földi.